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Pet Sitting Charges

Visits start at $20.00

Dogs: 2 per visit (Note: special pricing for puppy care, senior care and difficult dogs- see poilicies)

-price for additional dogs to be determined after free meet and greet 

-Medium & Large dogs start at $25.00


Cats/Ferrets: 2 per visit
-$2.00 each additional cat

Birds: 3 per visit
-$2.00 each additional small bird
-$4.00 each additional large bird

Exotics: 3 per visit
-$1.00 each additional exotic

(Exotics Include: reptiles, rodents, and other small caged pets)

Overnight Stay Only (10p-6a) = $120.00** Subject to availability
Note: The late and breakfast visits are included.  If the final visit is a breakfast visit, you are billed at regular rate.

**The following days are premium overnight stays billed at $150 for Thanksgiving Eve, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Years Eve and New Years Day.  Subject to availability on a first come, first serve basis. 

Emergency Visit = $35.00
Extended Area Emergency Visit = $45.00
-Defined As: Less than 24 hours notice or if we are booked.
Note: Subject to availability.

Pet Supply Pick-up = $20.00

Litterbox Change = $15.00 (with pet sitting)

~Litterbox change will be added on contracts 7 days or longer

Cage Change/Fishbowl Cleaning = $15.00 (with pet sitting)

Sick Animal Charge:
Injections & Subcutaneous = $12.50

All pills (prescribed, supplements, vitamins, etc.) = $5.00
Topical Treatments & Medicated Washes = Assessed as Needed

All additional costs are at the discretion of A Pet's Paradise staff.

We reserve the right to charge for specially requested services.  All prices are quotes; no price is final until a contract is signed.  We reserve  the right to add additional charges after the contract is signed (e.g. medication, veterinarian, food, pet store stop, clean-up fee).

The initial meeting to sign a contract  and greet pets is free.  We reserve the right to charge a $50.00 cancellation fee if the visits are cancelled after the initial meeting.

Note: There is no charge for a key pick-up or return on the first contract.  All subsequent key pick-ups or returns are $25.00 each.  Note: Key pick-up and/or return is subject to availability.  We can return key by mail.  Special delivery charges will be assessed to the customer.  Keys on file and un-used for an extended period of time may be destroyed for customer security.

Prices are subject to change without any prior notice.


 Contracts more than $500 require payment submission 7 days prior to departure. 

Last update: June 10, 2018






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