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A Pet's Paradise * P.O. Box 420775 * Houston, TX * 77242-0775
 Phone: (281) 497-5400
Emergency: (713) 824-2972



We appreciate your business and look forward to caring for many more happy pets!!

Please save our web page to your favorites.  Please check the web before securing a contract for updated prices and policies.


Vacation Alert: Tina & Dana will be on vacation October 8, 2018 through October 14, 2018.

Holidays are approaching, remember to book the pet sitter! Call A Pet's Paradise!

Remember the house helper service is here to help YOU!! 




  • Please send all e-mail requests for service to apetsparadise@yahoo.com
  • Please remember, all contracts are guaranteed, therefore you will be billed for cancellations.
  • Special Alert: Due to changes with insurance, we are not responsible for issues that arise at your home as a result of visiting friends or relatives. Please have guests come before or after our contract is complete. This does not apply to paid services that are also insured such as housekeeping.
  • Please Note: Additional changes with insurance require full contracts.  Example: housekeeping or relatives caring for your pets part of the time.


New Services:
House helper - can't stay home for cable repair? need furnitue delivery? no time to pick up dry cleaning?
We can help - service starting at $34.95 per hour
Contact the office for more details or to schedule your appointment.
Prices updated June 10, 2018 - please review Services page.


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